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Raghukul Constructions Pvt. Ltd incorporated under the companies act, was originally Raghukul Constructions, which started working on a very small note in 1988. Over the years, the Company has a sustained growth in volume & spread, without compromising the original values and ethics.

Commencing from one project at a time, Company now undertakes multiple projects in various localities of Nagpur City with the same trustworthiness, quality consciousness and homely affairs of transaction. Crafty planning, sober elevations, neat and most judicious use of the available spaces, safe and stable construction with a keen emphasis on utilization of all branded products are the basics at Raghukul.

The Company very well understands that, the home built is a life time asset which envisages due care in planning and construction, due diligence in execution, meticulous deliberations in specifications and commitment in delivery schedule are the utmost needs of an individual. Raghukul is very humbly endeavoring to generate the sense of belonging and responsibility to propogate and deliver only good in the best possible manner.

We feel very honoured and obliged in sharing that the mouth to mouth publicity by our flat owners counts a lot for us, Repeat bookings by the same flat owners speaks of trust earned, land owners bringing in new proposals encourages us manifold, suppliers readiness matters much and contractors cooperation help us, leap further and high.

Our Director

Shri Dilip Bharade (AMIE Civil)

Shri Dilip Bharade

Involved in real estate activities since two and half decade, he possesses all technical and managerial skills. Being a hard core civil engineer, he provides instinctive, creative and viable solutions with his innovative ideas, novel concepts, and excellent professional acumen. He had a small stint as a Junior Engineer in Maharashtra Housing & Area Development authority and later on as an Assistant Engineer in Irrigation Department from where he decided to establish his own activity with small civil works in hand.

Having worked at grass root level in construction industry with involvement, dedication and exemplary team work, under his leadership Raghukul has established itself as a reliable name in the real estate horizon in Nagpur and more so known and viewed as developer with a difference.

With different and innovative thought process of interpretation, he is always active & enthusiastic in providing valid inputs to the local governing bodies in order to communicate the needs and necessities of the society. He is also associated with Regional Training Centre of Irrigation Department where engineers undergo orientation and technical programs. Sharing knowledge & experience is his nature, helping the needy is his attitude and growth as a human being is his target.


Our Team :

Sandeep Shelgaonkar (B.E. Civil)

Looks after the construction, coordination, purchase etc. for the projects. Being a Civil engineer, he possesses smart skills of rate analysis, purchase strategies, and quality consciousness as regards men and materials. Execution, Progress and Timely completion of the projects are planned, monitored and achieved by him with sincerity and integrity. He is a qualified YOGA Teacher.

Divesh kumar (B.E. Civil)

He is mostly engaged at project sites in the areas of Shivaji nagar. Very earnest, devoted and always involved in project planning and its execution has quality consciousness on top priority. His result oriented attitude makes him more dependable. He has a unique capacity of handling multiple projects simultaneously.

Chandramani Tiwari (D.C.E.)

He is a civil engineer with extra ordinary analytical skills and looks after the project sites as well. He is very much helpful in working out the estimated cost of the project at initial stages. Measurements of work done, Billing, and its technical justification are his key areas.

Satish Sonkamble (M.Com)

He is a versatile and most dependable personality with an updated knowledge of office procedures and project sites both. Positivity is his asset and his ever enthusiastic and helpful approach always adds to his performance. He keeps track of the project expenses and related records.

Ramesh Tarone (B. Sc.)

He is our site supervisor and keeps inventory of materials on site, record of daily works.

Laxmikant Dohare

He is our office assistant and looks after records.